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Hotword spotting with SnowBoy Part I

Snowboy is a hotword detection engine from Kitt ai. They have prepared a easy to use vocal command recogniton that can be used straight in you project. If you have a company or a start

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Linux Utilities and Commands 1.20 – [Quick]

Updated on Nov 2017! Here we are again! I hope that you will appreciate this new set of linux commands Linux Utility 1.21: Group members In the previous batch of linux commands we

Handling ontologies with ROS

Updated on February 2017! This is a step by step guide related to the Github repository JinchiMiru. We will setup a RosJAVA environment in order to use the Ontology API of JENA. Prerequisites: Working

Bluetooth multiple serial connections with Linux

In a previous post about bluetooth we have seen how to connect to a low cost HC-06 or Sparkfun Mate Gold module connected to an Arduino and establish a serial communication with it using minicom.

Linux Utility And Commands 1.10

Append a string to the last created file using shell scipts Let's suppose we would like to append ',yes' to the last csv file that has been created. The content of the folder is

[ 0 ] Raspbian Instructions: Install Jessie Lite on Raspberry Pi 3

Updated on Oct 2017!! Hi guys! Let's download the latest Raspbian Jessie Lite from the official RaspberryPi website. userk@dopamine:~$ cd Downloads userk@dopamine:~/Downloads$ wget --2016-06-14 01:09:06-- Resolving ( Saving to: ‘raspbian_lite_latest’

[ 0 ] Ubuntu instructions: Install Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi 3

We will download the image from the official website of Ubuntu Mate userk@dopamine:~/Downloads$ wget Ok, once the download has finished, get an uSD card with at least 8Gb of storage capacity and Class 10

Bluetooth with Linux – Send and Receive data

Bluetooth Post Updated on Feb 2017! We have already used a bluetooth module with an Arduino in Using Blueetooth Mate Gold in your Arduino project. In this post we would like to open a serial