In this post you will find the steps required to install Ros in Ubuntu 15.10. Please refer to the official page, if the installation fails for some reasons come back here. The first steps of the official instructions failed with 15.10. Just use pip to install the dependencies as described below.

Install Indigo

userk@dopamine:~$ sudo apt-get install python-pip python-stdeb build-essential
userk@dopamine:~$ sudo pip install -U rosinstall-generator rosdep wstool rosinstall
userk@dopamine:~$ sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools
userk@dopamine:~$ sudo rosdep init
userk@dopamine:~$ rosdep update
userk@dopamine:~$ mkdir ~/ros_catkin_ws
userk@dopamine:~$ cd ~/ros_catkin_ws
userk@dopamine:~/ros_catkin_ws/$ rosinstall_generator desktop_full --rosdistro indigo --deps --wet-only --tar > indigo-desktop-full-wet.rosinstall
userk@dopamine:~/ros_catkin_ws/$ wstool init -j8 src indigo-desktop-full-wet.rosinstall

In the Resolving Dependencies step, the rosdep tools returns several errors such as:

gazebo_plugins: No definition of [gazebo] for OS version [wily]

If you don’t get the errors continue with the normal steps in the ROS website.

Ros Indigo is not officially supported on Ubuntu Wily. Unresolvable dependencies are exactly the kind of issue you run into then. You could attempt to install a full stack from-source by using a chroot. Please refer to the official chroot guide, or follow the steps below.

Installing Indigo in a Chroot

We will need to install schroot and debootstrap.

userk@dopamine:~$ sudo apt-get install debootstrap schroot

Then, following the steps provided by the official guide, we need to edit a config file for the chroot:

userk@dopamine:~$ sudo gedit /etc/schroot/chroot.d/indigo_trusty.conf

with this content:

Then we need to create the directory and setup the chroot in it.

userk@dopamine:~$ sudo mkdir -p /srv/chroot/indigo_trusty
userk@dopamine:~$ sudo debootstrap --variant=buildd --arch=amd64 trusty /srv/chroot/indigo_trusty

or for 32 bit systems:

userk@dopamine:~$ sudo debootstrap --variant=buildd --arch=i386 trusty /srv/chroot/indigo_trusty

You should be able to see the chroot lisited in the output of:

userk@dopamine:~$ schroot -l

Next, switch to the chroot and install sudo vim and git.

userk@dopamine:~$ sudo schroot -c indigo_trusty
(indigo_trusty) userk@dopamine:~$ apt-get install sudo vim git

Exit, enter as a normal user and set the locale.

userk@dopamine:~$ exit
userk@dopamine:~$ schroot -c indigo_trusty
userk@dopamine:~$ sudo locale-gen en_US en_US.UTF-8
userk@dopamine:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

You can now, setup Ros Indigo in the Chroot and compile source packages. Please follow from step 4 to 6 of the official page.


If you get the following error, or similar, when executing the catkin_make command:

[Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/home/userk/catkin_ws/build’

It is because you installed Ros as root and you have a problem here with permissions.
You should consider removing the whole directory tree and reinstall as normal user or just run:

userk@dopamine:~$  chown -R YOUR_USERNAME /home/user/catkin_ws

Try the 5th step to see if ROS works fine. Hope it helps!



From the terminal enter in your chroot and insert the password (sudo schroot -c indigo_trusty).
Change directory to catkin_ws and source devel/setup.bash. Then just run roscore.

userk@dopamine:~$  sudo schroot -c indigo_trusty
[sudo] password for userk: (indigo_trusty)root@dopamine:/home/userk# ls Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop README.txt catkin_ws (indigo_trusty)root@dopamine:/home/userk# cd catkin_ws/ (indigo_trusty)root@dopamine:/home/userk/catkin_ws# l build/ devel/ src/ (indigo_trusty)root@dopamine:/home/userk/catkin_ws# roscore -bash: roscore: command not found (indigo_trusty)root@dopamine:/home/userk/catkin_ws# . devel/setup.bash (indigo_trusty)root@dopamine:/home/userk/catkin_ws# roscore ... logging to /root/.ros/log/78d5fb8c-fd94-11e5-90b8-54bef781e786/roslaunch-dopamine-4974.log Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile. Press Ctrl-C to interrupt Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB. started roslaunch server http://dopamine:41606/ ros_comm version 1.11.16

Hope it helps.