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Linux Utilities and Commands 1.20 – [Quick]

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Updated on Nov 2017! Here we are again! I hope that you will appreciate this new set of linux commands Linux Utility 1.21: Group members In the previous batch of linux commands we have seen how to create users and add them to groups. In order to see the members of a group

[ 0 ] Raspbian Instructions: Install Jessie Lite on Raspberry Pi 3

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Updated on Oct 2017!! Hi guys! Let's download the latest Raspbian Jessie Lite from the official RaspberryPi website. userk@dopamine:~$ cd Downloads userk@dopamine:~/Downloads$ wget --2016-06-14 01:09:06-- Resolving ( Saving to: ‘raspbian_lite_latest’ raspbian_lite_lates 100%[===================>] 292,27M 1,05MB/s in 4m 14s 2016-06-14 01:19:00 (1,15 MB/s) - ‘raspbian_lite_latest’ saved [306465003/306465003] Now, get a uSD card

[ 0 ] Ubuntu instructions: Install Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi 3

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We will download the image from the official website of Ubuntu Mate userk@dopamine:~/Downloads$ wget Ok, once the download has finished, get an uSD card with at least 8Gb of storage capacity and Class 10 microSDHC and get ready to write the image to it. Run this command: userk@dopamine:~$ df -h /dev/sdX1 15G 288K 15G

ROS on a Raspberry Pi 2 – [Quick]

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In this post we will install ROS Indigo on a Raspberry Pi 2, it is just a sequence of commands you should use to install this framework. Please refer to the official main page for futher informations. ROS ROS is a open source framework for robotic platform development. It is a meta-operating system for

Ros Indigo installation in a Chroot – Ubuntu 15.10

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In this post you will find the steps required to install Ros in Ubuntu 15.10. Please refer to the official page, if the installation fails for some reasons come back here. The first steps of the official instructions failed with 15.10. Just use pip to install the dependencies as described below. Install Indigo