Bluetooth with Linux – Send and Receive data

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Bluetooth Post Updated on Feb 2017! We have already used a bluetooth module with an Arduino in Using Blueetooth Mate Gold in your Arduino project. In this post we would like to open a serial communication between the Arduino and a Linux computer through the bluetooth adapter in order to send data and trigger actions

[Quick] Saving CSV data from Arduino to Matlab

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In this post we will save data coming from a sensor connected to Arduino to a Matlab structure or a txt file. CSV stands for comma separated values. Something like A,val1,val2,val3,B Requirements We've seen a basic Matlab-Arduino serial communication here We've played around with the gyroscope in this post You can check this article

Using Bluetooth Mate Gold in your Arduino project

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Updated on February 2016! With the Bluetooth Mate module from Sparkfun you can add 2.4GHz wireless communication to your robot. It is designed specifically to be used with the Arduino, any serial stream from 2400 to 115200bps can be passed seamlessly from your computer or Android device to your project. This module is capable of

Magnetometer – Where are you heading?

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In this post we will use a magnetometer to measure relative angular position with Arduino. We will be using the CMPS10 module which is a tilt compensated compass from Robot Electronics. This sensor uses a 3-axis magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer and a 16-bit processor to measure the x, y and z components of the

Using an accelerometer in your Arduino project

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In this post we will introduce accelerometer sensors and share a few examples on how to interface them to the Arduino. The sensor we will be using is a MMA7260Q from Freescale Semiconductor, a low cost 3 axis accelerometer with temperature compensation and a g-Select feature which allows for the selection among 4 sensitivities. Why

Xbee communication between an Arduino and a computer

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Need a Wireless communication? Use the Xbee If you are looking for a wireless solution to a communication problem, the Xbee modules might be the answer. These modules can be used to connect an Arduino board, like the Mega version, to a computer or another board to create a mesh network. There is a long